Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hada Labo Retinol Lifting and Firming Lotion

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If you don't already know, I hereby declare again...


Since I declared my love for Hada Labo here, Hada Labo sent me another new skincare of their this time(not true)! That's why I declare louder this time.. *blush*

This time round I got the Lotion from Hada Labo's latest Lifting & Firming range! *jumping up and down*

One Drop Restores Youthful Bounciness

Active Ingrdients

- The very famous and almighty SHA, Super Hyaluronic Acid: Locks in moisture for intense hydration!

- Retinol Vitamin A: Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, even skin texture.

- Collagen: Improve skin elasticity for firmer and more lifted skin.

I have to say this retinol lotion is as awesome as their SHA lotion. I notice similar effects after use on skin although I don't see obvious firmer skin but I think that's because my skin is very tiong tiong firm already.

Other than the lotion, the new Lifting & Firming range also carry essence, milk, cream and mask.

Restore that youthful bounciness on your skin with Hada Labo’s latest Retinol Lifting & Firming range products. The range are priced from SGD $25.90 to $34.90 and are available exclusively at Watsons store nationwide.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kissable Lips with Mentholatum Mogitate Kajitsu

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What make lips kissable?

Soft Texture
Yummy Taste & Smell

Secret to kissable lips - Mentholatum Mogitate Kajitsu

Just like building houses, lips too need a good foundation!

“Mojitate” means “Fresh” and “Kajitsu” means “Fruits” in Japanese. Mogitate Kajitsu is made with fresh fruit juice which contains essential minerals and vitamins that are beneficial to the lips and body. It also contains honey which heals and renews the lips, squalane which reduces wrinkles cause by sun damage and aging, grape seed oil which repairs skin and Vitamins A&E which are antioxidants that retard aging and gives your lips a healthy shine.

I was sent randomly one of the favours from the Mogitate Kajitsu range to try. I was praying hard for either the strawberry or the white peach flavoured ones because these are my favourite fruits and the pinkish colour just attracts me.

However I got the orange one instead, frankly I was a little disappointed until I try it on my lips. The orange flavour smells so nice and yummy, makes me feel hungry everytime I apply the lip balm (don't know if that's a good thing). It smell so great that you might even solve bad breathe problem all together! The lip balm is also incredibly light-weighted making it very comfortable to wear with.

Tempted to try the Mogitate Kajitsu range? Now available exclusively at Watsons for only $5.90 per balm!

Alternatively you can also redeem your FREE lip balm here

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gogreen After Dark - The Haunting of Blakang Mati


Sentosa was once known as Pulau Blakang Mati (绝后岛),which in Malay means the "Island(pulau) of Death(mati) from Behind(blakang).

Different versions of how the island came to acquire such an unpropitious name abound. One account attributed the ominous name to murder and piracy in the island's past.

A second claimed that the island is the material paradise of warrior spirits buried at Pulau Brani.

A third account claims that an outbreak of disease on the island in the late 1840s almost wiped out the original Bugis settlers on the island.

A fourth interpretation is that "dead back island" was so-called because of the lack of fertile soil on the hills.

Hence Gogreen recently launched a night trail "The Haunting of Blakang Mati" where you get to explore the history remains in Sentosa and listen to the story behind...

On the Segway PT ride!! Seriously at first I was unsure about riding it as I'm wearing heels and it totally look dangerous to me!! Like what if I fall and disfigure myself?!?! Come on, 我靠脸吃饭的好不好!

The ride moves according to your body movement, you lean forward to go forward, lean backward to brake. Before going for the trail, we went for a mini trial on the ride. After one round I felt pretty comfortable on the ride, it's surprisingly easy to control and not dangerous at all!

All geared up for Segway PT Ride

For added thrill factor, even the reception is ghastly maked up

After 5 round of trial run on the PT ride, we are all ready for the real thing!! And as we wait for our tour guide to lead the tour, I'm surprised when he turn out looking...

like this... er...

As we set off down the trail, every passer-by stare at our tour guide with question marks popping off their heads.. "Aren't halloween over already?"

Nonetheless imagine entering those dark eerie looking forest with a tour guide looking like this....

The tour took 1.5 hours and we visited much history artifacts including the dragon gate, the old time mail post and many more eerie places which I didn't expect to exist in the now beautiful Sentosa.

After finishing the tour, the person in charge treated us to some snacks and drinks at this beautiful beach bar with cool live band! Yeah, where there's alcohol there's Evangeline *blush*

With so much yummy food and alcohol(actually i didn't had enough to drink..), we lost track of time and by the time we decided to head home the trains had stop operating. Luckily, Jasmine's dad is kind enough to send me home on the way. Thanks!

Also, a big "THANK YOU" to Gogreen for a fun-filled night!

Btw, Gogreen After Dark have slot as late as 12:30am for those seeking high level of excitement! For more information and tickets booking, kindly visit Gogreen's Official Site.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Singha Full Moon Party - Free Flow Singha Beer RSVP NOW!

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*Party Animals Alert*

Singha will be having it's 3rd installment of Full Moon party in Attica on 25 November 2011!

There's going to be free flow Singha beer from 10pm-11pm and international DJ Sophia Lin spinning from 10-11pm too!! Guaranteed good times

On top of that, charming Utt will be hosting the show!!

That's not all! You get to club with me too!! (OK, I know that's not a very good bribe) *weep in the corner*

Whatever lah! If you are itching for some party time, RSVP now to with Name, NRIC and Mobile number to enjoy FREE ENTRY before 11pm!

*Only for female 18 years old & above, guys 21 years old & above

See ya there!~

Friday, November 18, 2011

[Sponsored] Immortals Movie Review

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Immortal - a being not subject to death or decay; having perpetual life

A movie filled with hunks!

King Hyperion, a half-mad warrior bent on conquering the world; Theseus, a young adventurer set on destroying Hyperion to avenge his mother’s death; and Zeus, the ruler of Mount Olympus and ultimate authority among the gods of ancient Greece. Their conflict sets off an epic battle between humans, gods and demi-gods that could annihilate humankind.

The movie's 3D effects is breath-taking, although I'm not sure if the credit goes to the movie itself or Lido's fabulous 3D theatre. I'm not a 3D movie fan as I'm prone to headache when watching 3D so you know this movie has some rock solid effects if I love it.

With Luke Evans as Zeus and the engaging plot, this show is definitly worth your money. Just look at how hot Luke Evans is, you'll get what I mean! *drooling*

If any complains, it will be their high quality slow motion bloody scenes and they have lotsssss of it! I lost count how many times I had to close my eyes due to the cruelty. God bless!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cute Baby Panda

Recently I realise I have a lot of traffic coming to my "I want this as my pet" post as many people are searching for "cute baby panda".

So to satisfy my reader's appetite, I found 10 more photo of cute baby panda for you guys!! I even go as far as creating a voting poll for you guys to choose which is your favourite. See I very nice right?!

[All photo credit to Google Image]

Which is your favourite baby panda? (Vote below)

Baby Panda #1

Baby Panda #2: It look so much like my dog.

Baby Panda #3: Peek-a-Boo

Baby Panda #4: They look like panda plushie!

Baby Panda #5

Baby Panda #6

Baby Panda #7: So wacky!

Baby Panda #8

Baby Panda #9: Emo Panda

Baby Panda #10: How can something born so small grow up to be so massive?

It so hard to choose which is my favourite, I love all of them!! But I'm giving my vote to Baby Panda #2 because it really look like my dog except it's not all white.

Which is your favourite baby panda?
  • Baby Panda #1
  • Baby Panda #2
  • Baby Panda #3
  • Baby Panda #4
  • Baby Panda #5
  • Baby Panda #6
  • Baby Panda #7
  • Baby Panda #8
  • Baby Panda #9
  • Baby Panda #10

*Update* "I want this as my pet" has officially move up to be the MOST POPULAR blog post! Guess no one can resist baby panda's cuteness!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Delcie's Desserts Opening

Delcie's bakery bakes cakes without using any dairy products, no sugars and no bleached ingredients thus making it safe for vegans to eat! Being vegetarian and can't eat cake is like living in hell even being all holy about not killing animal. But now with Delcie, you can end your suffering. Delcie's cakes also use organic ingredients and have zero trans fat and low in cholesterol. Diabetic also can eat arhz!! That will be useful for the future me..... *pray mai tiok diabetic*

I was invited to Delcie's official opening a week ago and we got to taste first hand some of their delicious bites.

I arrived late and the shop was so packed I can't even go in =.=

Delcie's also sell all sort of cupcakes and brownies! And look at the benefits of eating Delcie's desserts!

Cake baking demo~

Guess what they use to replace milk? Rice milk!! What the hell is that?!

Icing the cake!! Yum Yum!

The slice cake look so yummy! *Drooling*

So many treats free flow!!!

More guilt-free treats!!

Guess if this cake is real???

Delcie's Desserts
951 Upper Serangoon Road
Singapore 534714

Friday, November 11, 2011

Footloose Movie Review

One of my favourite type of movie are dance movies. I mean come on who don't love dance movies? It's light-hearted and fun to watch and there will always be cute dude and hot girls in it.

With that being said, you know that I will most definitely want to watch Footloose and I was given a pair of tickets by Nuffnang to do so. Thanks Nuffnang!

Can you imagine dancing being ban in Singapore? What? Are you crazy? But wait, there's more.... Playing music too loud might just earn you a "speeding ticket"? That's what happened in Bomont after a tragic accident that involves the death of Reverend Shaw Moore's (by Dennis Quaid) son.

That's was until Ren MacCormack (played by newcomer Kenny Wormald) a city boy from Boston moved to Bomont. He decided to challenge the ridiculous rules and end up falling in love with the Reverend's daughter, Ariel (by Julianne Hough).

It seems that many of people are saying that the newcomer Kenny Wormald who played Ren MacCormack is not good looking and his acting skills are not that good blah and blah and blah. However I do think he looks pretty cute although I would have to agree that his acting wasn't as connecting.

I have to say I especially love this dance scene in this country bar because Julianne Hough looks so HOT!! I'll kill to have her body!

But the character that I love most have got to be Willard (played by Miles Teller), he is hilarious. A guy who can't dance without stepping on his own feet actually started learning to support his friend, Ren's efforts to regain the town's dancing rights. This shows that everything is possible when you put your heart and soul into it!

Unlike other dance movies like Dirty Dancing, Take the lead and Step Up, Footloose does not have as much powerful dance scene but it's storyline is very heartening and it's a great movie to watch.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

B.liv Immerse Me Japan Silk Mask Review

First up, I have to confess! This post has been sitting in my "To Blog List" for very long..... Finally got around to post it up(almost forgotten about it).

B.liv released a new range of Japanese Silk Mask a month ago.... orrr was it 2 months ago.. *guilty face*

It has 3 different masks in the range: Immerse Me (Moisturizing), Feel No Sluggish (Anti-aging & Glow), Sheer Off Crease (Firming).

I happened to buy their Off with Those Heads while they were having the new release promotion so I got a Immerse Me mask free to try.

The first thing I noticed about the mask was its sheet mask texture, it's very different from other masks out in the market (I guess may be due to the fact that it's a silk mask). The sheet mask is the thinnest I had seen and it fits my face very well, I don't have to keep adjusting it to prevent it from slipping.

Immerse Me consists of 100% Pure Hyaluronic Acid and Sodium PCA which gives you instant hydration and lasting moisturization. Very recommended if you have dry skin like me!

I used this mask before going to sleep and I was surprised by how smooth my skin turn out the next day. I literally can't stop touching my face, but please don't do that as it might cause breakout unless your skin is as breakout resistance as mine.

Overall I rate 4/5 stars for this mask. It hydrates the skin perfectly and leaves your skin baby smooth for days after. The one star off is because it's not the best hydrating mask I had used so far but for the same price range, B.liv Immerse Me is the best I had tried so far.

B.liv Japan Silk Mask sells at $2.95 per pieces and if you buy 10 pieces now, you'll get 2 pieces for free! $29.50 for 12 pieces of mask is really a steal!

You can purchase B.liv masks or other products on their Official Site!

(P.S. This post is not a ad or sponsored post, just sharing my personal experience.)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Nuffnang Story

My Nuffnang story only started a short 5 months ago. Being with Nuffnang allow me to attend wonderful events and meet great people!

I would like to delicate my thanks to Nuffnang with this post!

My first Nuffnang event was the Cars 2 Gala Premier which I won a pair of tickets to watch Cars 2 way before the public!

Subsequently, I won more invites to events like...

The Real Steel Premier

Robinsons & Mio TV Primetime Fall Fashion Show at MBS Avalon

And then I luckily managed to join Nuffnang's Glitterati Plus even though I miss it's blogger meetup earlier this year since I'm not blogging yet at that time.

Joining Glitterati Plus open up more doors to private & exclusive events and parties! It's the coolest club on earth!

The first event I attended as a Glitterati Plus blogger was the WATSinside app launch at the Hard Rock Cafe. That's where I met the big family of Glitterati Plus bloggers.

and then there's the Singtel Mio US TV Marathon which is still my favourite event attended thus far.

The most recent event I attended was the Delcie's Dessert Cafe Opening which I have yet to blog about. In case you haven't realise, I am very slow in updating basically because I have 2 jobs, 1 business another one in progress, 2 blogs, 1 tumblr, a twitter & FB account, a mother, two younger brothers and a dog! Taking into consideration that I have so many roles to play, it's only natural that I don't update so often. *whisper* Tell you a secret, I'm typing this post while working right now. Shhhh... don't tell anyone! *pray that my boss don't read my blog*

That about summarize my journey with Nuffnang. I know me and Nuffnang will have much more to share in the coming years and I'm so looking forward to that!

You must be wondering why a post on my journey with Nuffnang?

Here's why:

Nuffnang Blog Awards 2011 Are Coming...

Come 16 December 2011, 500 bloggers from around the Asia-Pacific region will flock to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 in Putrajaya Marriott. The Awards aims to not only honour the region's best bloggers, but also to bring together blogger communities from across Asia-Pacific. The Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards is brought to you by Volkswagen Malaysia and Putrajaya Marriott.

Although nomination is over now, but do look out for the enlisted finalists and remember to vote for your favourite blogger on 15 Nov 2011.

(P.S. I hope I will be a finalist too maybe next year.)
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