Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kuala Lumpur Day 4 - Menara Tower

Hi beautiful people,

Sorry for not updating for so long... Work is getting way out of control. I finally found time to blog about the last part of my KL trip.

If you haven't read my pervious entries, here's the links:
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I started day 4 off with some shopping in Sungei Wang which looks like our Far East Plaza or Bugis Street. I expected it to be cheaper but the prices there are actually not that cheap, I actually think most of their clothes are selling cheaper in Singapore. Thus, I really didn't buy much.

After shopping, John brought me to the shopping mall opposite Sungei Wang(forgot the name of the shopping mall) to eat at the food court. The food court actually corporated KL's most delicious and famous roadside stall and hawkers. Because I'm super reluctant to eat at ALL of the roadside stalls or dirty looking coffee shops so John brought me to this food court thinking that I could eat the Malaysian prided food at ease but I end up ordering Japanese food LMFAO! I just can't help it, all the so called "famous" stalls serve meat, meat and meat and still meat... I just am not a meat fan.

The ramen I ate, it was actually very tasty!

This was what John ate, forgot what it is... but as you can see it's meat all over.

After eating, we went to the Menara Tower but unfortunately it drizzling a little.

The Kampong

Walking across the bridge

The view from the top of Menara

Hazy due to the rain

After touring the tower, we went to the animal park which is below the tower.

The turtle looks like its gonna bite my fingers.

White monkey and black baby monkey..... uhm..... o.O

Big fat snake

I don't know what this is but it's majorly cute!

Chinchilla sleeping

Riding the pony was my favourite part of the day because the pony that I rode was majorly cute and remind me so much of my Yumi(since I'm already very Yumi-sick at that time). But the pony looks very sad and tired, I'm thinking that the staffs there must have treat the ponies badly(and maybe I'm too heavy for it *guilty face*). It broke my heart, I so much wish I could buy it and fly it back to Singapore.

See how sad the pony look..... *tearing up*

Had dinner at Bar Italia, read the review on my food blog

End the night watching Alvin and the Chipmunks 3 at Pavilion.
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