Thursday, January 26, 2012

CNY Reunion Dinner + River Hong Bao

Our Reunion Dinner

Thou came a little late, still I want to wish all of you a BIG Happy Chineses New Year!!

!!恭喜发财 万事如意 步步高升 幸福美满!!

See how much food we brought...

Chocolates, just 50% of it

CNY goodies

Overcrowded with food..

More food...

We spent $400 on all of the CNY foodie and steamboat ingredients. Actually it don't look so overwhelming if we have visitors or relatives joining us but we basically don't bai nian so the food are only for 5 people!!

We basically eat steamboat 3 meals a day everyday cause there's way TOO MUCH food! HAHA!

Jackie brought 10 packs of meatballs just for himself!!! Crazy!

There's so much food, we needed 3 tables to lay them out

I bet no one else eat more than my family do..... Now it'll be one hard time to shed those weight gained.

Anyway as we don't "bai nian" and rarely visit relatives or friends(don't ask me why), we went to watch movie "The Magician".

Jackie posing as his zodiac

Er... Epic fail

Wacky Brothers

Mommy and Jeff

Jackie and Mommy

After the movie, Mommy, me and Jackie went to the River Hong Bao carnival...

This year's Uncle Ringo was boring!! Boo!! They cut back on lots of fun rides, most of their rides this year are for kids. Worst of all their bumper car cost $10 per car! WTF! Their cars sure are made of gold.

Entrance of the River Hong Bao

Night skyline from the floating platform

Fu Lu Shou

I tot this was a dragon at 1st but it's a Qi Ling

Is this Wu Song?

Here's the dragon made of recycled materials

Another Sun Wu Kong from Jackie

End with the beautiful skyline of MBS

How has your CNY been? Hopefully unlike me, you get lots of red packets!!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kuala Lumpur Day 3 - Bloggers Farewell + Aquaria KLCC + Sky Bar

Read Day 1 and Day 2 first if you haven't do so.

Hi Poppy Pies,

Sorry took so long to blog about this, you have to excuse my laziness...... HAHA!

Day 3 in KL is where the trip with Nuffnang ends, all bloggers ate their last breakfast in Putrajaya Marriot and bid goodbye.

Not for me thou I have planned to stay behind for another 2 more days to meet my best buddy, John, since we have lots of catching up to do.

Before leaving the awesome bloggers, I bid goodbye to them the "blogger" way.......... CAMWHORE!!!!!!~

Me and Tiffany

Me and Chewy Jas...... Not clear thou

Samantha and the AWESOME Me

The female bloggers... Don't know why the guys didn't join in thou

Me and "Motherly Figure" Christina

Clarence aka Ju-On + Me

Sayonara, Putrajaya Marriot

With that I left the awesome bloggers and continue my travel...

Actually I was planning to go shopping after that but because I felt bad for causing John to miss his friend's wedding dinner, I suggested to go together. So I ended up going to a stranger's wedding dinner, felt so odd and bored.... LOL!

Anyway we still had plenty of time before the wedding dinner so John suggested that we go to KLCC Aquaria.

The funny thing is that the entry fee for John who is a local is actually cheaper than mine as a tourist.


Sentosa y u no give Singaporean this kind of privilege?!?!?! Y_U_NO.jpg

Ok back to the Aquaria, it's very similar to Singapore's underwater world. They have the same underwater tunnel where you can see the ocean lives on the travelator.

Then as I entered the tunnel, I spot this shark and if you see carefully you will see the shark has an abalone looking flap(don't know how to call it lah) at its supposingly asshole area.

A close up for the benefit of those who can't find its vagina

Then the following conversation took place out loud (I bet all eyes was on us at that time)..
Me: "I didn't knew sharks have vagina."
John: "No, sharks don't have vagina lah."
Me: "Are you sure? Then how do they reproduce and mate?"
John: "Marine life no need to mate also can reproduce de leh."
Me: "Then what's that? Asshole?"
John: "Don't know, just part of it body isn't it?"
Me: "I'm going to google if sharks have vagina."

Then we continue our journey all the way to the end before I exclaimed "Shit!! I should had took a photo of the shark's vagina! I wanna blog about it!!"

With that we enter the tunnel once again to find the one and only shark with the vagina looking flap...... pokerface.jpg

(P.S. I googled and it seems sharks do have vagina and they have intercourse just like human do, female sharks are able to reproduce even without intercourse thou.)


This just remind me of Yumi, no idea why.

Beautiful Coral

Sea Turtle on the move


Army in the sea?


Seriously this shrimp look like a toy.

and that's when my camera decided it's time to sleep.......

After the Aquaria, we headed to Concorde Hotel where the wedding dinner was held.

Love Love

Met John's friends, Ben and Aries

John and I didn't stick around for the dessert (I hope it's not yam paste) and went to Sky Bar at Traders Hotel, Ben and Aries joined us later. I highly recommend anyone who is visiting KL to go to Sky Bar! It's a very beautiful place with nice view and an indoor pool! You do need super advance booking thou especially on fridays or saturdays, trust me I had failed to get a booking even calling 2 weeks in advance WTF.

View from Sky Bar!

Twin Towers from Sky Bar! Rock star beautiful!!

Too bad my camera low batt, couldn't managed a decent photo with my antique iphone so I couldn't show you how the place look like. I promise photo of how Sky Bar look like if I have the chance to go to KL again.

Yet again this post is getting hopelessly long... so I'll stop here. Ciaoz~

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Beyonce & Jay-Z welcome baby girl Ivy Blue Carter

Beyonce has finally popped!

Various news reported that Beyonce have checked in at the Lenox Hill hospital on Friday night under the alias Ingrid Jackson and had gave birth to her daughter which the couple named Ivy Blue Carter by caesarean section last night.

The couple has reportedly to have booked out the entire fourth floor spending $1.3million!! Talk about luxury!!

Whut!! Wait.............. Give me a minute to regain my senses......... I need to breathe...... Breathe in, breathe out, in & out, in & out...

Oh my, I felt like I was going to give birth. I can't believe baby Ivy Blue Carter come into this world with a 1.3M net worth!!! Oh wait, I bet it wayyyyy more than that if you consider the 10s & 20s times more they spend while Beyonce was pregnant.

Lao tian ye why you no let me marry such a rich guy!!

Anyway, congratz Beyonce and Jay-Z!! I hope baby Ivy Blue Carter will be as smokin hot as her mother when she grows up!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Kuala Lumpur Day 2: Pavilion and G Tower

It's day two of my KL trip!! If you haven't read day one, you should read it here first.

After a night of Zouk Out, I only had 3 hours of sleep before waking up for breakfast at the hotel! Since there's oishii breakfast, I have nothing to complain about.

Took some photo of the view from my room before heading for breakfast..

You can see the swimming pool from my room.

So beautiful and good for the eyes too since there's so much GREEN.

I have to confess I'm a lousy blogger... Why? Because even thou I brought my camera down all ready to snap some photo of the hotel's breakfast buffet to feast your eyes, but once I saw those food everything went out the window... Conclusion, no photo of the breakfast buffet. That must be the reason why I'm piling on weight recently.... mah anyway diet always starts tomorrow!

After the breakfast, all bloggers are supposed to go for a tour around National Monument, KLCC, National Mosque and National Palace but the sleepy me bail out to continue sleeping in the hotel. Later I found out that most of them bail out halfway to go shopping!! Why no say earlier!!

Met up with the group at Pavilion

Marco safeguarding our shopping hunts while we shop at Forever 21

Camwhoring with Samantha while waiting for our bus to G Tower

A passing by uncle actually verbally helped us to adjust our angle for this one

After Pavilion, the bloggers went to G Tower

G Tower is a really cool rooftop bar with nice views. It's really beautiful and relaxing there, although they have a mini dance floor and music blasting but it's not overwhelming which make it a prefect chill out place. G Tower is really my type of place although I prefer Sky Bar at the Traders Hotel KL which I went on my day 3 in KL.

Awesome view!

We head back to the hotel earlier that night and had our very own private 'after after PJ party' in Issac and Marco room. We sipped wine and listened to Marco sang the whole night (I bet the neighbours find us really noisy thou). I would love to show you photos but but but Celine say no photography allowed so bo bian la...

Day 2 ends here.... I'll post my day 3 sooooooon......
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