Monday, October 31, 2011

Singtel Mio US TV Marathon

Last weekend I was invited by Singtel and Nuffnang G+ to watch the latest US dramas one after another!!

I'm a little of a TV junkie so watching a long hour marathon is really in my niche!

We even have food to accompany us through the show!

We watch a total of 6 US TV series which are recently released in the US and Singtel have it running on MIO TV already!! That's faster than any other TV network!

Hart of Dixie
Welcome to HART OF DIXIE, set in the lovely town of BlueBell, Alabama, where the neighbors take care of one another, the mailman knows your name, there's a parade every Tuesday ... and no one has ever seen the likes of Dr. Zoe Hart. Zoe feels the culture shock of her new surroundings immediately but the real shock comes when she learns that the doctor who invited her to BlueBell has passed away and left her with his half of the medical practice. His old-school partner, Dr. Brick Breeland, is determined to chase her out of town and his daughter, southern belle Lemon Breeland, is only too happy to help.

Once Upon A Time
Emam Swan is shocked when Henry the son she gave up years ago turns up in desperate need of her help. Henry believes that Emma is Snow White and Prince Charming's missing daughter who sent her away to protect her from the Evil Queen's curse. Of course Emma doesn't believe a word, but when she returns Henry to his hometown of Storybrooke, she suspects that this town may be more than it seems. Storybrooke is a magical place where fairytale characters are alive, even though they don't remember who they once were – including the Evil Queen who is now Henry's foster mother.

A fairy tale convert to real life drama is really a brilliant idea! This show was the one that the group of bloggers love most as everyone let out a sigh of disappointment when the show ended.

Happy Endings
The series revolves around the lives of a group of friends whose group is rocked when the couple that brought them together, Alex and Dave, break up. This leaves the rest of the group (Max, Brad, Jane and Penny) in an awkward position of either trying to stay together as friends or having to choose sides. This hilarious series stars Elisa Cutbert.

2 Broke Girls
A lot of young girls move to New York City to "make it." Max and Caroline are just trying to make their rent. In this fun, outrageous comedy series written by Emmy® Award winner Michael Patrick King (Sex and the City) and white-hot stand-up comedian Whitney Cummings, two girls from very different backgrounds -- Max, poor from birth, and Caroline, born wealthy but down on her luck -- wind up as waitresses in the same colorful Brooklyn diner and strike up an unlikely friendship that could lead to a successful business venture. All they need to do is come up with $250,000 in start-up expenses. Starring Kat Jennings.

This series is personally my favourite!! It's just so f**king hilarious!

Welcome to the Hamptons, a glittering world of incredible wealth and privilege, where smiles hide secrets – and nothing is colder than revenge. When sexy Emily Thorne moves to town, everyone wonders about the new girl, but she knows everything about them, including who they are and what they did to her family years ago. Now, one by one, she's going to make them pay. Emily's main target is Victoria, a powerful woman who holds the key to Emily's past ... and perhaps her future. No matter how guarded the people in the Hamptons are, they can't keep the truth out forever. Starring Emily Vancamp (Brothers and Sisters, Everwood) and Madeline Stowe (Last of the Mochicans).

This drama really attracts me and leave me with so much of a disappointment when it ended!! I will definitely follow this drama from now on.

American Horror Story
The story focuses on a family who move to a decrepit mansion in Los Angeles. Little do they know, this once-noble home is haunted. "American Horror Story" revolves around The Harmons, a family of three who move from Boston to Los Angeles as a means to reconcile past anguish. The All Star cast features Dylan McDermott (The Practice) as "Ben Harmon," a psychiatrist; Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights) as "Vivien Harmon," Ben's wife; Taissa Farmiga as "Violet," the Harmon's teenage daughter; Jessica Lange (Tootsie, Blue Sky, Grey Gardens) in her first-ever regular series TV role as "Constance," the Harmon's neighbor; Evan Peters (One Tree Hill) as "Tate Langdon," one of Ben's patients; and Denis O'Hare (The Good Wife) as "Larry Harvey."

Horror used to be one of my favourite genres of shows and movies, however due to the weakening of my heart I had long quitted horror shows. However this series actually leave me wanting to follow it!! *Internal conflicts*

If you would like to watch all the latest and newest US drama series, you have to get the Mio TV! It's the only TV network that allow you to watch all the latest seasons and newest drama at almost the same time as it release in US!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

[Sponsored Review] Amethystory - Love your skin with amethyst

Sponsored Review

The advancement of skincare has never fail to excite me. Skincare incorporating all kinds of exotic ingredients from gold to apple stem cell has been popping out in the market, leaving me to wonder what beauty ingredients will be next...

Amethyst + Skincare = Amethystory

YES! It's Amethyst!! Ginvera had recently released a new skincare range which incorporated Amethyst as one of their main ingredients!

So what is Amethyst? What kind of beauty benefits do they possess?

Amethyst, a semi-precious gemstone, is a violet variety of the quartz often used in jewelry. It has a unique colour and this gemstone is often believed to be a natural tranquilizer for dispelling intoxication, relieving stress, soothing irritation, balancing mood and inspiring the intellect. In fact, the origins of the name came from the Ancient Greek word 'amethystos' meaning 'not intoxicated', a reference to the belief that the stone protects its owner from negativity. A large number of further miraculous powers are attributed to the amethyst in all sorts of cultures, including bringing you good luck and abundance.

Amethyst is well known as a natural aid for our body. It produces small, detectable magnetic field & emits beneficial far infrared radiation & negative ions that enhance circulation, promote anti-oxidation & rejuvenate skin cells, all of which are essential to help smoothen & beautify skin.

A coveted gem desired for its power to heal and rejuvenate, this purple quartz gemstone, Amethyst, is uniquely incorporated into the latest skincare series from Amethystory which contains real amethyst granules with triple functions: Cell-rejuvenation, anti-oxidation & promotion of micro blood circulation for a healthier and more luminous skin.

I was happy to receive Ginvera's latest Amethystory range: Mineral Bubble Face Wash, Mineral Aqua Gel and Mineral Aqua Whitening Enhancer.

The great thing about this three products is that not only are they infused with Amethyst, they also contain the well-loved Hyaluronic Acid(also known as 破尿酸). If you are a skincare or beauty junkie, Hyaluronic Acid will not be a stranger.

Hyaluronic Acid provides intense hydration & retains water in your skin, it also supports the formation and maintenance of collagen. Result - Youthful, Supple and Elastic skin!

Mineral Bubble Face Wash

Mineral Bubble Face Wash is enriched with moisture factors & mineral nutrients to cleanse and remove impurities, dirt & oil from pores. After wash, it would still continue to provide long lasting moisture to the skin.

Other than the 2 key ingredients mentioned above, the Mineral Bubble Face Wash also contains Bio Energy Fluid which provides ample mineral & trace mineral elements to nourish skin cells and effectively rejuvenate skin and keep skin hydrated, it also helps balance oil secretion.

It's my first time using a foam cleanser and I'll never get a normal one ever again. Not only does this cleanser save you the time and energy working up those foams, it also allow you to cleanse your skin more gently. On top of that this cleanser leave my skin feeling more supple than before with no tightness.

Mineral Aqua Gel

No colouring, no fragrance, this gentle formula is specially blended with Amethyst, Hyaluronic Acid & Bio Energy Fluid to help enhance the removal of dead, dry & rough skin & promote skin rejuvenation. After removing the dead skin layers that form a barrier, your skin would be in a optimal condition to absorb skincare nutrients!

The aqua gel is very gentle on the skin, it can even be use daily. I like how the aqua gel exfoliate so well that I hardly have clogged pores after I start using it.

Mineral Aqua Whitening Enhancer

This unique formula is specially blended with Amethyst, Tranexamic Acid & Hyaluronic Acid to boost the hydration & whitening of skin & enhance the penetration of skincare products for full absorption. Regular use of Mineral Aqua Whitening Enhancer will provide skin with minerals for better skin rejuvenation & at the same time lighten complexions evenly for a fairer, radiant and youthful glow.

Beauty benefits of Tranexamic Acid includes: Fights dark spots and lightens complexion effectively for a radiant glow by inhibiting melanin growth and removing existing pigmentation also effectively eliminates discoloration caused by acne and sun damage, helps even out complexion and enhanced with anti-inflammatory effect to help enhance the whitening effect.

The Mineral Aqua Whitening Enhancer totally gets my vote! After using it for just a few days, there's noticeable changes in my skin. My skin is more supple, smoother and better hydrated! Goodbye to tired looking skin! The whitening effects on the other hand was not as prominent although skin do appear more even coloured and spots are slightly lighten.

Amethystory LAUNCH MONTH SPECIAL! Redeem your FREE Trial Size Sample at Amethystory Facebook page today!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fright Fest Media Preview @ SIngapore Flyer

This year Singapore Flyer's award winning rain forest is transform into a eerie hideout for the haunted! You can never expect what's in there!

I was invited to a sneak preview of just how scary a beautiful forest can become! To tell you the true I wasn't expecting a haunted trail I thought we were just going to play dress up, ride the flyer and party away. So when I heard that we will be walking into the dark and eerie looking forest without knowing what to expect, I was..... let just say it took a veryyyyyyy longggg timeeee for me to process it.

Take a photo with Mr Zombie 1st!

After much delay, my friend and me were finally up to enter the eerie forest! We were told that the trail we are walking is not fully completed yet(meaning less "ghost" in there) therefore will not be as scary. So I'll show a little sneak preview of what they have inside the trail.

The first "thing" that greeted us! You have no idea how long we were stuck there!

Coffin! There were even people burning incense for effects!

See how daring I am!!

Well, what's a haunted trail without THE RING


Finally reached the end of the trail! You can see that I'm not happy =(

After the haunted trail, we boarded the flyer for a nice cool down!

I was surprised that they added exhibit along the route to the flyer's boarding station. I don't remember seeing those the last time I was there.

Up & up we go!

View from the capsule


Sarah and I camwhoring...

Cat + Bunny!

Reaching the end of the ride~

After the wonderful ride we proceed to the lounge for refreshments and also to find out who are the "Best Dressed".

And the winners are.............. *Drum Roll*

1st goes to the "Dead Family"!! They truly deserve it!

2nd goes to the "Dead Waitress" but I didn't managed to take a photo of her.

3rd goes to the "Ghost Buster" team! They are so creative!

After the prize presentation, guess what?........

The ghost from the haunted trail join us!

Took a photo with THE RING! She look so creepy!

Last self indugle photo before heading back home

The Fright Fest will be open to public on Friday(28/10), Saturday(29/10) and Sunday(30/10). The Saturday tickets had been sold out!! Grab your tickets FAST!~

Monday, October 17, 2011

Insquare Salon's Style Me Gorgeous Blogger Event

Was invited to this really cool event by Dennis!

The event was held at a salon located under a HDB flat along Sin Ming Road. To be honest, when I saw that I was invited to a salon under a HDB flat I had my hopes way down there. But I couldn't believe how wrong I am!! You will know why after finish reading this post.

Look pretty cool to be a salon in the neighbourhood?

Once there my first question to the creative director, Ivan, was "Why did you open your salon here?". Ivan told me that his mother had opened this salon 40+ years ago so naturally he continued the business.

I also found out that Ivan had done many professional styling for runways, celebrities and even had training in Japan! Not only Ivan himself, all of his staffs received professional training in Japan too! Cool or what?!

Other than hair styling and processing, they also do makeup and wedding packages.

Even armed with professional backgrounds, their charges are relatively economical

That's Ivan, he's a real cute guy!

We were given Hoyu Professional shampoo and treatment and it's good stuff, maybe I'll do a review on it next week.

Ivan even invited Hoyu people to the event!

Ivan starts the styling presentation.

Ivan teaching us how to choose a good wax!

Hairstylist showing us how to style man's hair with tong.

Ta dah! Pretty smart looking, ya?

Next up, A punk style!

Woman style next and they start off with a makeup demo.

Style 1: The betty boop

Style 2: The rocker chic

Style 3: The corporate lady

Lastly, a blogger was chosen to model the last style of the night and guess who was the lucky blogger?

Ya! It's me!! Round of applause please! Notice Ivan's expression, that was due to the fact that I told everyone I don't wash my hair daily =X

I know my expression is a little bit scary....

Chio bo? Thanks to Jeremy for taking photo for me =)

All the stylists and models! (My legs looks chio right in the photo?!) =X

And the party started! Food and drinks free flow..

Yum Yum!!

My favourite! But as usual I was too busy bitching around that I didn't ate much!

Me and Ivan plus his cube =D

New blogger friend I met there, Fiona

Me and Jeremy

Now tell me you are "not" impress by Insquare Salon! To be honest, my hair had only been managed by 2 hairstylists since my teens. One took care of my hair when it's straight, another when it's permed. But after knowing Ivan, I'm so tempted to change stylist!! Hope my stylists don't read my blog. *fingers crossed*

If you love what you see and want your hair done by them, call them @ 65540916/7. The salon is at Blk 24 Sin Ming Road, #01-39.

You can also like their fabulous page on facebook here.
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