Friday, August 19, 2011

Cars 2 Premier and Jeffrey's Birthday Celebration

Had the honour to watch Cars 2 on it Gala Premier before it was release in cinema! Thanks to Nuffnang!

I'm not going to review on the movie mainly because I don't wanna give out too much spoiler and the not so 'mainly beacause' reason is that I'm lazy.. But I'll say this, it was a fantastic movie!! If you love cute stuffs, cars and interesting action packed plot then this movie is for you.

Waiting to collect tickets


Waiting for Cars 2 to start voom-ing

Zombie Jackie

Pirate Jackie

On the same day, it was actually Jeffrey's 18th birthday! Happy birthday, bro! The family gather up at Pizza Hut to celebrate this joyful occasion. Our family really loves sinfully cheesy food!! LOL!

5 of us ordered a large Hawaiian pan pizza, 2 plates of spaghetti, a baked rice, garlic bread and for dessert 3 ice cream towers!! Now you feel our vibe! Our final bill was $100+++!! I had never imagine Pizza Hut can cost so much, I guess we really did ordered alot! Thanks Mommy for the treat!!

At this point, I'm starved!

Mommy posing with the beautiful berry drink

Finally the food was served! Are u drooling already?

This spaghetti wasn't very delicious

Birthday boy gone crazy!

Mommy & birthday boy

and the long awaited... ice cream!!

Birthday boy noming on ice cream

Ok, end the post with the world's prettiest mom!


jamie writes said...

wow! you sure did have a blast didnt you! makes me go green with envy hehee

Evangeline said...

U bet =D

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