Sunday, October 9, 2011

Real Steel Movie Review

Thanks Nuffnang for giving me a pair of tickets to Real Steel movie premier!

Everyone should really watch Real Steel, I swear it's the best movie I watched so far this year!

The movie take you through a roller coaster of emotions. From a ex-boxer failing to catch up when robots take over the stage to the sudden reappearance of his son to discovering he actually have what it take to the discovery of Atom.

On top of that, all the cool robots bulit for this show really worth your ticket money!

Seeing how the underdog Atom raises when nobody thinks it could, make me feel more confident in real life as anything and everything is possible when you try.

Watch the show and get inspired!


LauraLeia said...

I saw the trailer in the cinema, and thought it looked pretty good. And well, it's a Disney movie, sure feel-good wan, haha! Plus Hugh Jackman is in it. 'Nuff said, lol.

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