Monday, July 18, 2011

Review on Bio-Essence Hydra Spa Energy Sleeping Mask

I had never tried a sleeping mask before because I'm sceptical about it effectiveness and I'm afraid it might give me breakout or are very sticky therefore will dirty my bed.

Anyhow when I saw the Bio-Essence Hydra Spa Energy Sleeping Mask sample available in the Sample Store, I decided to order it for a try.

Excited and fearful, I try the sample after receiving it a few days later.

After applying daily routine skincare including moisturiser, apply a coating of the sleeping mask all over your face.

The best part is you don't have to wait for 20mins or wash it off. You just sleep it off..

And wake up to smooth, plump, radiance young skin!!

After applying makeup, skin is so smooth n hydrated makeup glided on so easily.

Bio-Essence Hydra Spa Energy Sleeping Mask totally alter any fear of mine. Not only does it not give me any breakouts, it is also very easily and quickly absorbed by skin after applying! Not to mention the result is visible only after 1 use! I'm going to buy the retail pack right now..


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