Sunday, December 25, 2011

Inbetweeners Movie Review

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The Inbetweeners is pretty much the British version of Hangover. If you love Hangover, you will love this upcoming comedy The Inbetweeners!

"Four teenage misfits - Will, Simon, Jay and Neil - have finished their A-levels and are about to leave Rudge Park Comprehensive, much to the relief of Mr. Gilbert, their sarcastic, cynical sixth form tutor. Within their final week of school, however, Jay's grandfather dies, Simon is dumped by his girlfriend Carli and Will discovers that his divorced father has unexpectedly married his much younger mistress. Depressed, the boys decide to go on holiday together and Neil books them on a trip to Malia, Crete."

Simon Cooper by Joe Thomas
In hope of getting over the breakup with Carli, Simon set on the "naughty" trip with his Pussay Patrol team. By mistake of his pal, Neil, they actually end up going on the same trip as Carli which motivated Simon to rekindle the relationship. Soon he realized by being blindly obsessed with Carli, he is missing out on what's best for him.

Will Mckenzie by Simon Bird
Will just found out that his dad had been married to a young and sexy woman without inviting him to the wedding dinner. Being overwhelmed Will decided to go on a trip in hope of getting laid. However being your typical geek, the process doesn't come without laughs. Talk in an all "smartie pant" way which makes everything he says so darn funny!

Jay Cartwright by James Buckley
As Jay was wanking himself to an online call girl, his mom told him that his grandfather had just pass away. Awkward!~ Using the money his grandfather left, he set off with his friends for sun, sex, sea, sex, booze, sex, booze and sex. Calling themselves the "Pussay Patrol" doesn't help!

Neil Sutherland by Blake Harrison
Going on the trip with a whacked fake tan, dancing in the nerdiest dance moves and constantly banging old lady - This guy got to be the funniest out of the bunch!!

To be honest, I don't find The Inbetweeners exceptionally funny as some of their jokes took me some concentration to understand mainly because of the heavy european accent.

Nonetheless I still enjoyed the movie, although I will strongly prefer more boobs than dicks flashing (now I know why the man love boobs, it's way better on the eyes).

By the way, Merry Christmas People!! Me being #foreveralone spend this year christmas bury in work yet again (draw circles in the corner)! I wish all you guys the best Christmas ever!! Have a smacking good time!


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