Thursday, October 13, 2011

Robinsons & MIO TV Prime Time Fall Fashion Show at Avalon

Attended a fashion show by Robinsons & MIO TV two weeks ago held at the club people are talking lots about, Avalon. It was my first time in Avalon though most of my old time clubbing friends had been asking me to check it out.

It was really a cool place and the party was great! (except for the super long waiting period)

Having Avalon to ourselves! Ain't that cool?

We were actually suppose to take our drinks ourselves from the bar, but I got this kind waiter to serve the drinks to us

Drink up!

New blogger friends I made that night! Jemma & Sarah!

As we wait, this couple started dancing and boy they do their thing well!

Super crowded! Lucky we got there early!

Camwhore with Sarah while patiently waiting for the event to start.

Finally the runway is starting..

I have to control my drooling when all this male model walk out.

They all look like barbie dolls!

How can anyone be so fine?!?!?! Hating my parents now! (Just kidding)

That model on the bottom right is totally my type! Wahahaha!

The collections are all themed after 4 popular english drama, which I forgot which drama there are so don't ask me.

This is my favourite collection!

Also from my favourite collection.


After the show end, the lights change and volumed uped. Avalon get the party going!

We didn't stay around to party though. After some photo-taking and camwhoring, me and my new blogger friends went out to take more pictures of the view and proceed home afterward.

Gorgeous view outside Avalon!

Left to right: Evangeline aka Me, Jemma, Sarah

Mad chio, right?

All the high rise buildings!

Spot LV Island Maison?

A good way to end the night!

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Wow !

bluedianthus said...

Wish I could be here..:)

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nice! love fashion show too..
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