Sunday, November 13, 2011

Delcie's Desserts Opening

Delcie's bakery bakes cakes without using any dairy products, no sugars and no bleached ingredients thus making it safe for vegans to eat! Being vegetarian and can't eat cake is like living in hell even being all holy about not killing animal. But now with Delcie, you can end your suffering. Delcie's cakes also use organic ingredients and have zero trans fat and low in cholesterol. Diabetic also can eat arhz!! That will be useful for the future me..... *pray mai tiok diabetic*

I was invited to Delcie's official opening a week ago and we got to taste first hand some of their delicious bites.

I arrived late and the shop was so packed I can't even go in =.=

Delcie's also sell all sort of cupcakes and brownies! And look at the benefits of eating Delcie's desserts!

Cake baking demo~

Guess what they use to replace milk? Rice milk!! What the hell is that?!

Icing the cake!! Yum Yum!

The slice cake look so yummy! *Drooling*

So many treats free flow!!!

More guilt-free treats!!

Guess if this cake is real???

Delcie's Desserts
951 Upper Serangoon Road
Singapore 534714


Nava Krishnan said...

Lovely desserts and looks so tempting.

xixi said...

Yay I love events (and free food wtf XD)!

I think their cupcakes look ok, not the cutest but who cares la? Got low calorie one here :D XD

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