Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

Year 2011 had been an exciting year because it was when I started blogging!! I regret not finding my love for blogging much more earlier.

I kick off this blog with my KL trip post and soon after I got the chance to go to Cars 2 Premier.

I even watched my lifetime's first fashion runway show!!

Got to know my 1st blogger friend, Sarah at the Robinson Fashion Show, she is such a babe!

Spent my Halloween at the Singapore Flyer dressed as an oversize kitten with Sarah! Nice cleavage Sarah have there!! You're welcome!~

Got my 1st sponsored skincare from Amethystory

Did my 1st advertorial for Gogreen After Dark

Recently even got the chance to travel to KL for Nuffnang Blog Award 2011!! Which I haven't got around to blog about.... guiltyface.jpg

And also celebrated this year Christmas with awesome blogger friends too!! Which I have yet to blog also.... guiltyfacex2.jpg

Got to know a group of majorly awesome bloggers which become part of my daily life now!! A big shout out to Valentine(Lover), Sarah, Celine, Issac, Marco, Clarence, Christina, Amanda, Ann, Tiffany, Jasmine(Bangtheroses), Chewy Jas and more...

Anyway I really had the most awesome time in 2011 and I hope my blog could find me more chances to experience new stuffs and know new people. And hopefully find my prince charming so that I could leave #foreveralone club???

So how has your 2011 been?

Happy New Year!! All the Best!!


~* J a S said...

Hey so sweet of u for the special mention ! I still have lots of 2011 posts haven't blog abt too

Evangeline said...

Haha! it's okay, I haven't even post my KL trip...

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