Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fright Fest Media Preview @ SIngapore Flyer

This year Singapore Flyer's award winning rain forest is transform into a eerie hideout for the haunted! You can never expect what's in there!

I was invited to a sneak preview of just how scary a beautiful forest can become! To tell you the true I wasn't expecting a haunted trail I thought we were just going to play dress up, ride the flyer and party away. So when I heard that we will be walking into the dark and eerie looking forest without knowing what to expect, I was..... let just say it took a veryyyyyyy longggg timeeee for me to process it.

Take a photo with Mr Zombie 1st!

After much delay, my friend and me were finally up to enter the eerie forest! We were told that the trail we are walking is not fully completed yet(meaning less "ghost" in there) therefore will not be as scary. So I'll show a little sneak preview of what they have inside the trail.

The first "thing" that greeted us! You have no idea how long we were stuck there!

Coffin! There were even people burning incense for effects!

See how daring I am!!

Well, what's a haunted trail without THE RING


Finally reached the end of the trail! You can see that I'm not happy =(

After the haunted trail, we boarded the flyer for a nice cool down!

I was surprised that they added exhibit along the route to the flyer's boarding station. I don't remember seeing those the last time I was there.

Up & up we go!

View from the capsule


Sarah and I camwhoring...

Cat + Bunny!

Reaching the end of the ride~

After the wonderful ride we proceed to the lounge for refreshments and also to find out who are the "Best Dressed".

And the winners are.............. *Drum Roll*

1st goes to the "Dead Family"!! They truly deserve it!

2nd goes to the "Dead Waitress" but I didn't managed to take a photo of her.

3rd goes to the "Ghost Buster" team! They are so creative!

After the prize presentation, guess what?........

The ghost from the haunted trail join us!

Took a photo with THE RING! She look so creepy!

Last self indugle photo before heading back home

The Fright Fest will be open to public on Friday(28/10), Saturday(29/10) and Sunday(30/10). The Saturday tickets had been sold out!! Grab your tickets FAST!~


Brocade Blue said...

your custome is nice though

Anonymous said...

creepy ghost and nice costumes you it..:)

Evangeline said...

Thanks @aten @Brocade Blue

Most Desirable said...

Hi once I went with a few guys to a haunted house at a theme park. Out of nowhere someone so horribly looking crept out behind us. My friend gave him a punch on the nose and this ghost's nose started to bleed. We ran away so fast that we couldn't find out if that was a real ghost or not.

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