Monday, January 2, 2012

The Right Choice


Everyone agrees that throughout life there's many choice we need to make thus making the right choice becomes one of the VERY IMPORTANT things to do in life. Because Life Does Not Rewind!!

I'm proud to say although I don't always make the right choice but when it come to drugs I had made an awesome choice of staying afar from them.

You must be wondering why is this obaasan here preaching on this topic?

Because The National Council Against Drug Abuse and Central Narcotics Bureau have launched a fun and interactive Anti Drug Online Gaming Challenge where not only promotes zero drug usage and educates youngster on the downside of taking drugs, players also get a chance to walk away with attractive prizes (more on that later on).

Three flash games designed by local ITE and Polytechnic students will be launched one by one per month with different prizes up for grab.

And upcoming game to be release is "The Right Choice" which happens to be my favourite game out of the three games. The Right Choice was designed by a girl-only team from Singapore Polytechnic and the game also happens to be the champion winner of the Flash Game Competition. YOU GO GIRLS!!

The Right Choice let the player take on the role of someone close to the drug abuser giving the player a different perspective. A story mode game that keep me so engaged!! Make sure to make the right choices to save your "love one" (in the game) and get him away from drugs.

The player will take on the role of Jeremy, who suspects that his brother Xavier is abusing drugs.

The player will encounter scenarios where he/she has to make choices to progress in the game. Each choice will cause the story to progress differently, ultimately leading to different outcomes. A better choice will gain the player more points, while a worse choice will gain the player less points. The points accumulated will play a part in determining the outcome of the story.

The player will have to complete tasks throughout the story. For example, the player needs to find scraps of paper in the Xavier’s room in the screenshot above. All tasks are timed and the result will be converted into points and play a part in determining the outcome of the story as well.

A spot-the-difference game for players to spot drug items in Xavier’s room for clues that he is abusing drugs. The two images show how different Xavier’s room look before and after he started drug abuse.

The game ends after Xavier admits his mistake and resolves to change. All points will be converted into a time score which the player will see at the end of the game.

Are you ready to know what prizes are up for grab?

Each weeks the highest scorer for the individual age groups will win A pair of iFLY tickets. The overall highest scorer will win an iPad 2 32GHz.

To participate, like the Life Does Not Rewind's Facebook Page and play "The Right Choice" from 2/1/2012-29/1/2012.

Last but not least, STAY AWAY FROM DRUGS!! Drugs are NOT cool at all!


Rascat said...

it looks fun :D i will play it when i'm free XD love searching games ^U^

Cassy said...

wow cool! and I like your blog. :)

Evangeline said...

Thanks @Cassy!!

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