Sunday, October 2, 2011

World Runway Premier Fashion Quake Aid 2011

Another super backdated post.. I'm trying my best to clear my backdated post so bear with me..

Thanks to OMY for awarding me a pair of free tickets to the first World Runway in Singapore!

Reunite the world through FASHION!!

Uniting fashion industries around the globe, FASHIONQUAKE AID promotes and helps recover those countries suffering damages from natural disasters. Portion of the WORLD RUNWAY profits are donated as “FASHIONQUAKE AID” to natural disaster relief activities around the globe.

8 participating countries: Singapore, Japan, UK, USA, Italy, Russia, France and Brazil battled to a fashion showdown. The winning country was rewarded $100,000(WOW!) which half of it was donated to the FASHIONQUAKE AID!

On top of that, Se7en was invited as guest to perform on the show! Although I'm not a kpop fan but I guess it up the "watch factor".

This is my first time attending a fashion runway show, I was damn excited and I spent the whole night planning my makeup and look. But I woke up with swollen eyelids!! Hate it!! Thanks to that, I couldn't wear any makeup and was force to wear sunglasses throughout the whole show!

Even worst, I forgot to charge my camera the night before so I only managed to snap photo of the first 10% of the show! YA! I didn't manage to get any photo of Se7en!! Spoilt my whole night *weeping in the corner*

Anyway I'll just share what I managed to snap, enjoy!~

Skyline view from the Indoor Stadium

My tickets!! I'm so excited!

Walking to join the queue

We queue for like 1 hour under the bright hot sun! Luckily there's a nice view to defume me

Jackie's signature wacky-ness!

The runway!

Another wacky-ness from Jackie

World Runway Premier!

Look at the crowd!

Erm.. Is that a monkey? The thing is that Jackie is born on the monkey year.

We managed to get a flag but couldn't get a Singapore/Japan one

After the millionaire mind seminar, Jackie can't help wanting to break anything long & thin with his thoart

We was fascinated by this camera

Because it took super long for the show to start, this guy came out and gave a warm up performance

Finally, the show is starting!

I forgot this guy's name

Opening walk by Singapore's designer

I'm proud!

And the story continue..

Footage of earthquake, save the world through fashion is really a very good idea!

All the participating designers

France kick start the 1st round walk

I really like France's lineup

Italy next

Tribal style from Italy

Third up, USA

And this was when my camera gave up on me.

But no worries as a "hardworking" blogger, I decided to steal photo from World Runway Facebook page just for your sake! You're welcome!

Photo below are all from World Runway's Facebook page. Seriously they have better photo than mine, I should have just use their photo.

First Round Runway - France

I really love France, I can see myself wearing everyone of those outfits

First Round Runway - Italy

First Round Runway - USA

Their key piece is the fox tail! How cute!

First Round Runway - Japan

The Japan team are so cute!

Bold, loud and innovative, Japanese really are power!

First Round Runway - UK

UK is all about sexy and punk!

This is so nice!!


First Round Runway - Russia

Russia lineup are all close to natural and in nude colours

The hat she's wearing can be transform to a bag! Everyone cheered when she did that!

First Round Runway - Brazil

Brazil was the only team that had their model walk in a very active and fun way!

First Round Runway - Singapore

The home team!

Who are your favourite? From this 8 teams, 4 teams with the highest scores proceed to the final round for a shot at the $100,000 grand prize! And the 4 teams are... *DRUM ROLL* .. UK, France, Singapore and Japan!

Final Round Runway - Singapore

A bling bling lineup

Final Round Runway - Japan

Mad chio makeup!

Only the Japanese can put together a piece like this!

The model walks and take off layers and layers of kimono revealing this cool body suit

Final Round Runway - UK

UK really own it!

Mad chio!!

This is my 2nd favourite piece of the night

Sherlock Holmes

This is my favourite piece of the night! The model look like a mermaid!! I want this dress so much!

Final Round Runway - France

I really love the chic factor

After seeing the final 4 countries' runway lineup, it's very obvious to me that who is going to win the World Runway. Who do you think won?

Yes, it's the UK!!!

And they deserve it!!

And the moment you girls are waiting for... Se7en!!~ I'm not a Kpop fan and I have no interest in Se7en actually. But as I was watching his performance, I spotted a cute guy from his dance crew!! The whole time while the girls in the stadium are going crazy over Se7en, I'm staring at his dance crew trying to get a good look at his face. HAHA!

The cute guy is the laying under Se7en =D

不知不觉 this has become a very longass post, so I'll just stop here.


Anne Lee said...

Se7en is cool. btw, nice runway, the garments are exquisite.

Brocade Blue said...

if you had better seats the pictures would have come out right...anyways its not Fashion Week so i'll give it 6/10

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