Thursday, January 26, 2012

CNY Reunion Dinner + River Hong Bao

Our Reunion Dinner

Thou came a little late, still I want to wish all of you a BIG Happy Chineses New Year!!

!!恭喜发财 万事如意 步步高升 幸福美满!!

See how much food we brought...

Chocolates, just 50% of it

CNY goodies

Overcrowded with food..

More food...

We spent $400 on all of the CNY foodie and steamboat ingredients. Actually it don't look so overwhelming if we have visitors or relatives joining us but we basically don't bai nian so the food are only for 5 people!!

We basically eat steamboat 3 meals a day everyday cause there's way TOO MUCH food! HAHA!

Jackie brought 10 packs of meatballs just for himself!!! Crazy!

There's so much food, we needed 3 tables to lay them out

I bet no one else eat more than my family do..... Now it'll be one hard time to shed those weight gained.

Anyway as we don't "bai nian" and rarely visit relatives or friends(don't ask me why), we went to watch movie "The Magician".

Jackie posing as his zodiac

Er... Epic fail

Wacky Brothers

Mommy and Jeff

Jackie and Mommy

After the movie, Mommy, me and Jackie went to the River Hong Bao carnival...

This year's Uncle Ringo was boring!! Boo!! They cut back on lots of fun rides, most of their rides this year are for kids. Worst of all their bumper car cost $10 per car! WTF! Their cars sure are made of gold.

Entrance of the River Hong Bao

Night skyline from the floating platform

Fu Lu Shou

I tot this was a dragon at 1st but it's a Qi Ling

Is this Wu Song?

Here's the dragon made of recycled materials

Another Sun Wu Kong from Jackie

End with the beautiful skyline of MBS

How has your CNY been? Hopefully unlike me, you get lots of red packets!!



FoodieFC said...

that is really alot of food!!!How did your family finish it!

~* J a S said...

Hi Eva, wish u 新年快乐!身体健康!心想事成!永远美丽!:)I really Lol-ed at the photos .. So much food .. And the funny poses .. Y no photos of u leh ? Haha

Evangeline said...

@FoodieFC well we ate steamboat for 6 days finally finishing today

@Jas Happy CNY to u too babe! Haha! Cuz i lazy to put makeup so I insisted no photo of me.

Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

Wonderful pics! The food looks yummy!

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