Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kuala Lumpur Day 1: NAPBAS Blog Award and Zouk Out

I'm so honoured to attend this year's Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards!!! This year's Nuffnang Award gathered bloggers all over asia including Australia, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, China, Malaysia and Singapore. Omg, blogging is such a big bang now thanks to Nuffnang!!

I had been looking forward to the event since I got the attendance confirmation!! Couldn't sleep the whole night due to excitement so I started making up and packing luggage at 4am.

As usual the sotong me took over and end up taking the circle line instead of the north-east line (what's wrong with me?!), luckily I went out super early so I still have ample time to make my way down to the Nuffnang office on the right route. Btw I'll NEVER, let me repeat again NEVER ever take MRT with luggage again!! I'm just too atas to take train with luggage man! I mean picture me all beautiful and glam carrying my $2,500 LV bag walking into the MRT station with my $300 heels, dragging a f**king heavy $200 luggage behind! Instantly the glam factor drops to zero, the image just look so wrong with me in it *flips hair*

Anyway shameless-ness aside, I managed to reach Nuffnang office in time with all the other bloggers and finalists. I'm surprised to see the finalists taking coach with us thou, ain't they taking flight? Btw only us Singaporean took coach, other countries' bloggers gets to take plane!!! Ew!~ I hope NAPBAS 2013 will be in Australia, or even better JAPAN and and and I hope I'll be a finalist then... Ok that's too shameless of me, that's why I type in super tiny font ok don't judge me...

Our coach bus

A camwhore pic of me

We set off at 9am and took almost 1 hour before we reachedhe custom! I was actually very excited despite the fact that I'm very tired and thirsty because it's the first time I took coach to Malaysia. I prefer going on car thou no need to alight so troublesome..

Finally we crossed the custom

and entered Malaysia...

But there's still long way before we reach KL, we did stop halfway to grab some food but I didn't took any photo there.

Finally after another about 4 hours, we reached Marriot Putrajaya

When we reached the hotel, everyone was exclaiming at how beautiful the hotel is... except me because I tot we are going to stay in the Marriot in KL beside Ritz Carlton so I was a little disappointed. But Putrajaya Marriot is really huge although a little signs of age but if you want a quiet resort sort of getaway, Putrajaya Marriot will be a pretty nice place.

All the bloggers hanging out in the lobby waiting for our rooms.

All the Christmas decoration are so beautiful in  the lobby!

After long waiting, we finally got our room keys and I'm sleeping with Jaslyn. We had less than 2 hours to get dressed and make up before the Blog Award starts, everyone was rushing! Even me who had already done my make up was also late!

Me and Jaslyn in Christina room waiting for others to get prepared.

We went down late, but luckily the Blog Award haven't started. Look at the crowd!

Me and pretty Rachel

Left to right: Me, Rachel, Jaslyn, Xue Ling, Lover Valentine.

The toilet is like majorly gorgeous with huge mirror and wherever there's mirror and gorgeous toilet, there's bloggers camwhoring...

Me and my lover Valentine =)

One more of me and Val.

Mirror + Camwhoring blogger

Me and Xue Ling


NAPBAS after party ticket

Me and Jaslyn

Camwhore diarrhea!

1 last camwhore photo!

Delicious mini cakes!

Finally the show is beginning...

I'm seated at table 30 with Chewy Jasmine, Issac and Marco.

The night kick off with a performance from this beautiful and sexy ladies!

Then the award was announced one by one while we dine..

And the winners of NAPBAS 2011 are...

Region's Best Blog: Xiaxue
Most Influential Blog: Xiaxue
Best Micro Blog: @KennySia
Most Original Blog Design: Eat, Show and Tell
Best Entertainment Blog: BeautifulNara
Best Food Blog: LadyIronChef
Best Travel Blog: Just Wandering
Best Fashion Blog: Cheeserland
Best Photography Blog: Photoblog 攝影札記
Best Geek Blog: Geek Out
Best Parenting Blog: Childhood 101
Best Lifestyle Blog: Jenni Epperson
Hidden Gem: Googly Gooeys

I was really happy Brad won!! I really like him and his blog!! The night's biggest winner was none other than the famous Xiaxue, she even teared up on stage when she receives the Region's Best Blog award! Was a little shocked that she did not win the Best Lifestyle Blog thou..

The best performance of the night is this stand up comedian, he is damn funny!!

Erotic poledancing... and can u spot Audrey's head?

After the blog award, we went to Zouk KL for an after party!! I nearly got pick pocketed when I was in the dance floor, luckily I felt someone unzipping my bag and immediately got out of the dance floor and nothing was stolen! Holy, Malaysia is such a dangerous place! Didn't managed to catch the thief thou, I hope he/she get run over by a oil tank truck on the face 7 times!!!!!!!

Celine, Sarah and my drinks! The bigger glass is Sarah's and the reason why it's bigger is because it's not alcohol ONLY SPRITE!

Me and my babe Sarah! Sarah is revealing too much so I put a heart to cover up for her =)

Ok this post is getting hopelessly long, so I'll end here.. I'll post my day 2-5 in another 2 more posts.. Ciao now~


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