Sunday, January 8, 2012

Beyonce & Jay-Z welcome baby girl Ivy Blue Carter

Beyonce has finally popped!

Various news reported that Beyonce have checked in at the Lenox Hill hospital on Friday night under the alias Ingrid Jackson and had gave birth to her daughter which the couple named Ivy Blue Carter by caesarean section last night.

The couple has reportedly to have booked out the entire fourth floor spending $1.3million!! Talk about luxury!!

Whut!! Wait.............. Give me a minute to regain my senses......... I need to breathe...... Breathe in, breathe out, in & out, in & out...

Oh my, I felt like I was going to give birth. I can't believe baby Ivy Blue Carter come into this world with a 1.3M net worth!!! Oh wait, I bet it wayyyyy more than that if you consider the 10s & 20s times more they spend while Beyonce was pregnant.

Lao tian ye why you no let me marry such a rich guy!!

Anyway, congratz Beyonce and Jay-Z!! I hope baby Ivy Blue Carter will be as smokin hot as her mother when she grows up!!


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