Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Yumi's birthday celebration

Here's a very backdated post.. and I have more backdated posts awaiting for lazy me to clear. LOL!

2 weeks ago was my dog's 2 years old birthday and together with my family we had a little celebration.

Birthday girl in her birthday present - the pink shoes

Yumi admiring her new shoes

Mommy lurve baby Yumi!

Yumi dog cake! The park was very dark so with flash the photo of the cake sucks!

Yumi got cake to eat, we human eat packet rice.

Yumi dig in!

Yumi enjoy her cake

Mommy, Jackie and Yumi

Yumi look retard here =.=

Mommy and Yumi

My baby although a full grown 2 years old japanese spitz but she is still very very timid. Yumi has never bark when she is outside and never like being near to other dogs.

So while we were walking her to the dog mini park, there was this jack russell who is super fierce sitting on a bench with its owner barking furiously at anyone or dog passing by. When Yumi walk past it, it started barking furiously at my baby. You know what my baby's reaction was? She run like hell for her life dropping all her shoes. The most unbelievable thing was that Yumi is times two the size of that jack russell.

I don't know if I should be happy or angry at her "oh-so-cute" reaction.

Yumi enjoying the dog mini park by herself

She sniff every bench we walk by =.=

Looking forward to my baby's 3rd year..


hellolala said...

aw! but why'd you put it in shoes!? lol

Anne Lee said...

she's so cute and fluffy. Happy birthday to her.

Kelvin said...

Her life is better den mine lol~
Happy Birthday Yumi :)

Evangeline said...

hellolala: thats her birthday present n shoes because it can prevent her from stepping on anything sharp n keep her feet clean.

Anne Lee: Thanks, babe!

Kelvin: U bet, she even has better life than me

Brocade Blue said...

nice shoes!

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