Thursday, September 15, 2011

I have a millionaire mind!

The Millionaire Mind Intensive!

Last weekend I attended a life changing seminar presented by T.Harv Eker! I had so much fun and bring home plenty of useful new knowledge! It was a 3 days programme, the first and second days are a full day event which actually drained me out quite a bit.

Day 1: Woke up at 4am to prepare, gosh!~

What a crowd!

A very interactive seminar!

From the 3 days, the most valuable lesson learnt was a money management method called the Jar System. All millionaire share one thing in common that is they all are very good money managers. So to be a millionaire, you should start with managing your money.

The Jar System consists of 6 jars which you will allocate your income into, you can open 6 bank accounts to replace the jars as well. Every time you earn a income however small it may be, you will allocate the money to individual jars accordingly.

Now, let me elaborate on what kinds of jars/accounts we should keep,

Jar One: Financial Freedom Account(FFA)
Percentage of income that go into FFA: 10%
The money that goes into your FFA are untouchable! Means that you can't spend it or waste it. The money in FFA are to be use to grow more money thus creating passive income which is the key to financial freedom. Invest your FFA in whatever kind of investment you carefully chosen and start earning returns, interests, dividends and etc.

Jar Two: Long Term Saving to Spend Account(LTSS)
Percentage of income that go into LTSS: 10%
LTSS are saving that you are planning on spending, like a trip to your favourite destination or the branded bag you've been aiming at or a nose job or even a car.
If you are in debts now or if you want to save for the 'raining days' then divide this account into 2 parts, 5% for debts/raining days 5% for whatever you are saving for.

Jar Three: Education
Percentage of income that go into Education: 10%
Education is very important for millionaires, times are changing and knowledge is never enough. On top of that constant education can keep your brain young *wink*! So do delicate money for further education, the right knowledge brings you to the next level.

Jar Four: Necessaries
Percentage of income that go into Necessaries: 55%
This is the account you use the most, this account cover your daily expenses like food, transport, bills, rent, mortgage...
*Shopping is not a necessaries!*

Jar Five: Play
Percentage of income that go into Play: 10%
This would be your favourite jar, it's like a reward jar where you can use the money to treat yourself. It can be going to a spa, buying the dress you want so much, going to the movies... so on. This jar is to be wipe off monthly if not quarterly(every 3 months).

Jar Six: Give
Percentage of income that go into Give: 5%
The last jar is to give back to the world. You have to be a good giver to receive more. Donate the money to any oraganization that you support.

**The percentage stated is the most recommended but you can alter it slightly to fit you better.


During day 1's break time, we went to the TGX exhibition next door and were just in time to watch a competition going on(I forgot the game's name). As we were watching the competition, this three cute mascots walk by. Their costumes are like a balloon with air pumping in to maintain the plump plump feel.

Oops!! Where's my hands?

Every after-break people will go on stage and start dancing. Haha!

Day 3 of the course we were hit by a surprise! In order to stress on the point "Millionaire act despite fears"! Everyone were asked to break an arrow with their throat!! I was like "Man, you can't be serious!"

The arrow look so unbreakable!

Jackie is totally excited about breaking the arrow =.="

Jackie is the "holder"

And guess what.. I did break the arrow after all, it wasn't as hard as it seems and it didn't hurt as well. I felt such a great sense of achievement!

Next time any BHB boost to me about anything, I will go like "Erhz.. That's great but I break a fucking arrow with my throat, why don't you do that!"

BHB: You know? I can swim 5 laps non-stop!
Me: ahuh, then try breaking an arrow with your throat!

BHB: I can have sex the whole night over 10 times!!
Me: ahuh, then try breaking an arrow with your damn throat

BHB: Every time I goes to club, girls will flock to me.
Me: Ya, right! Try breaking an arrow with your throat, then the whole country will flock to you!

Something like that, you get the idea.

Warriors! *ROAR*

~End of Post~


DeYN-XP said...

Hello..very nice blog... :-)
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Sense of Increase said...

This is amazing! Hmmm... Did the seminar talk about "law of attraction"? Or something like "what your mind can conceive, it can achieved"?
I wish I could attend seminars like that in he future. Nice post anyway. =)

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