Monday, October 17, 2011

Insquare Salon's Style Me Gorgeous Blogger Event

Was invited to this really cool event by Dennis!

The event was held at a salon located under a HDB flat along Sin Ming Road. To be honest, when I saw that I was invited to a salon under a HDB flat I had my hopes way down there. But I couldn't believe how wrong I am!! You will know why after finish reading this post.

Look pretty cool to be a salon in the neighbourhood?

Once there my first question to the creative director, Ivan, was "Why did you open your salon here?". Ivan told me that his mother had opened this salon 40+ years ago so naturally he continued the business.

I also found out that Ivan had done many professional styling for runways, celebrities and even had training in Japan! Not only Ivan himself, all of his staffs received professional training in Japan too! Cool or what?!

Other than hair styling and processing, they also do makeup and wedding packages.

Even armed with professional backgrounds, their charges are relatively economical

That's Ivan, he's a real cute guy!

We were given Hoyu Professional shampoo and treatment and it's good stuff, maybe I'll do a review on it next week.

Ivan even invited Hoyu people to the event!

Ivan starts the styling presentation.

Ivan teaching us how to choose a good wax!

Hairstylist showing us how to style man's hair with tong.

Ta dah! Pretty smart looking, ya?

Next up, A punk style!

Woman style next and they start off with a makeup demo.

Style 1: The betty boop

Style 2: The rocker chic

Style 3: The corporate lady

Lastly, a blogger was chosen to model the last style of the night and guess who was the lucky blogger?

Ya! It's me!! Round of applause please! Notice Ivan's expression, that was due to the fact that I told everyone I don't wash my hair daily =X

I know my expression is a little bit scary....

Chio bo? Thanks to Jeremy for taking photo for me =)

All the stylists and models! (My legs looks chio right in the photo?!) =X

And the party started! Food and drinks free flow..

Yum Yum!!

My favourite! But as usual I was too busy bitching around that I didn't ate much!

Me and Ivan plus his cube =D

New blogger friend I met there, Fiona

Me and Jeremy

Now tell me you are "not" impress by Insquare Salon! To be honest, my hair had only been managed by 2 hairstylists since my teens. One took care of my hair when it's straight, another when it's permed. But after knowing Ivan, I'm so tempted to change stylist!! Hope my stylists don't read my blog. *fingers crossed*

If you love what you see and want your hair done by them, call them @ 65540916/7. The salon is at Blk 24 Sin Ming Road, #01-39.

You can also like their fabulous page on facebook here.


Agnes Sim said...

from innit...;-) nice look! ^^

xixi said...

Omo, you look so pretty! And your hair is to be jealous of <33

Evangeline said...

Thank u @Agnes and @xixi !!

Brocade Blue said...

lol, freebie hair cut

Sa Y. said...

hwahhh~ pretty girl! :DD

Blackswan said...

Thks for visiting Luxury Haven & leaving your comments!

Great event you've got here! U look stunning!

dunia kecil indi said...

awesome! surely u had a fun time :)

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