Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lantern, Mooncakes and Firecrackers at Bishan Park

Almost every year my family will go to the Bishan Park to celebrate and gather on Mid Autumn Festival. This year was no exception. Warning!! Photo heavy! There will not be me in any of the photo however because I got no makeup on and I feel very self conscious bout that!

Yumi join us this year too! She look so happy =D

I had no idea that Yumi is so charming, she is seriously the most popular dog there that night. No doubt there was lots of dogs there too, but for some reason people can't help crowding around my baby! Some school girls even say she look like mashmallow!! Haha!! I'm a proud mummy!!!

Group shot without me **I shy mah**

叔叔有练过 小朋友不可以学喔!

Attempted to capture a sparkling circle but failed.

Try again, fail again...

Lantern Tree!

The lantern tree we made was also very popular! There was lots of lantern hanging around on trees but people seems to especially like taking photo with/of my tree. Then we thought maybe it's our location so...

We find a remote area and decorated another lantern tree.. and you can see there's another tree behind too

And once we finished decorating, an auntie came up and snap a photo of our tree and walk away. WOW! We got a thing about attracting attention man! Anyway, I was again so proud of our new found talent until I saw this...

Mad chio lantern forest!! But they don't have as much crowd!! *Puzzled*

Wacky brothers found gold!!

*Grasp* Kanna caught on camera shitting in the public!! Stomp it!!


Ruffles is the best potato chips!

Attempt high fashion but um.. bleh

Mineral water also can post with =.="


Roar! We love Ruffles!


Everyone is having fun!

A good way to use up firecrackers

A good way to use up candles!!

Candle Rail

Fire on stone

Yumi on the walk...

Walking back home... Ciao~

~End of Post~


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