Monday, September 19, 2011

Singapore's First Holographic Fashion Show

For you people who are having question marks popping off your heads, I'd explain what a Holographic Fashion Show is..

A holographic fashion show is a model-less fashion show which showcase the three-dimensional image of the model in a specially constructed screen.

And Singapore is having their first Holographic Fashion Show at 313 Somerset as part of their Fashion+ campaign. The holographic model will changes outfits and accessories continually from 16/09/2011-25/09/2011, 10am-11pm daily in a specially constructed black box located along the shopping mall's Discovery Walk at level 1.

I went at a super bad timing as it was around 7pm and the place was overflowing with humans!! Made it very difficult for me to snap a nice photo of the model. But when I was there, the host there actually started asking random question about 313 Somerset and people who answer correctly walk away with $20 shopping vouchers!!

Other than the innovative holographic fashion show, there are also a few more attractive deals going on during the campaign...

Fashion+Reveal runs from September 1 to October 16. Shoppers with a minimum spending of $100 will get a 313 voucher worth $10 while OCBC cardholders will qualify with just minimum spending of $80.

Shoppers should also look out for Fashion+Displays which showcase fashion forward outfits, accessories, bags, shoes and more. Shoppers can enjoy 30% discount on all items featured on the displays while OCBC cardholders will get an additional 5% more.

Throughout the entire duration of the Fashion+ campaign, Facebook users who sign up for the 313@Somerset mailing list via the Fashion+ event tab on the 313 Facebook Page will automatically qualify into a weekly draw. Three winners will be picked every week(for six weeks) to win $50 worth of fashion vouchers each.

For more information, join 313 Somerset on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.


Nava Krishnan said...

Looks like a great show and nice fashion.

Kelvin said...

Wow, but i thought holographic was invented for a decade already~

Evangeline said...

I did said it was Singapore's first not world first!
The technology may b nothing new but using it on fashion is quite a new idea. The 1st holographic fahion show in the world was also quite recent.

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