Sunday, August 21, 2011

Can you believe this..?

Ipad sold @ S$26.35!

Iphone 4 sold @ S$79.05!!

Lomo camera sold @ S$0.45!!!

PSP sold @ S$6.30!!!!

Believe it!! All of this made possible by!

So you may ask, what is
Launched in July 2010, is an entertainment shopping website that allows users the chance to buy items at great discounts via an unique auction model. 1 year into launch it has surpassed all of it's competitors to emerge as the industry's market leader with more than 34,000 joining in the fun. offer a variety of brand new products including PS3, ipad 2, iphone, WII, digital cameras, TV sets, airline tickets, branded brands, vouchers and many more items that you've always wanted but could not bear buying at full price. Above that, also offer items that can't be found in Singapore like the Kindle, ipad 2 and limited edition items.

Together with other bloggers, we were invited by OMY and for a auction trial a few days ago! This is the 1st time I was invited to a blogger event, I was super hyped! A great "THANK YOU" to OMY and for opening my eyes!

The team are super friendly and engaging, it was such a nice experience meeting them! We were briefed on the different types of auction and the overall mechanic of the auctions, the team even share with us some great tips and strategies we can use to help increase the chances of winning.

We were served all this oishii looking cupcakes, AND I can't take any because I'm on a diet! &$%@#*!&@#%^!@#!&*% *BLEEDING INSIDE*

Daryl tried starting the presentation, but I guess he was a little shy and stage frighted

So, QiuYan took over..

Watching people chasing the last seconds of the auction is so damn exciting, all the clock ticking and numbers jumping *PHEW*

Angeline and QiuYan answering our questions, Did I mention they are like super cute? And Angeline has this damn cool title called the "Auction Master"!

All the bloggers! (I crop out my arm cuz for some reason it was super fat in the photo!)

We were told that does not engage any bots or insider to bid and they even don't allow any employees and immediate family members to participate. All of their goods are brand new and in excellent working conditions(trust me, I saw them with my own eyes!).

See I told you, all brand new and looking all so attractive! The Ipad is waving at me so hard!! BTW, there's a ipad up on auction currently at!!

Don't tell me you are not tempted yet!

Head over to to register for free NOW! You can also like them at Facebook or follow them on Twitter

Finally a big "THANK YOU" from me to and OMY! Happy bidding everyone!

Oh, if you are bidding remember to check out their Bidding Tips and Strategies

**Disappear to go bid for the Ipad**


jamie writes said...

it's very popular these. the one in malaysia is

Cat(Herine) said...

i saw u won some bid recently rite?? ;-)

Evangeline said...

yup, won one but lose alot of others T.T

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