Tuesday, August 23, 2011

OMG! This is sick!

One of my FB friend post this video on Facebook and it's titled "Human Butcher Shop" so I watched the video and omg I nearly puked my guts.

Graphic and gross like hell images, please view only if you think ur heart is strong enough.

Gross right?! Totally send the goosebumps into overdrive!!! After watching it, I was like "how can this be real human body parts?". If it is I bet the guy are already caught and thrown in jail or something..

Then I saw on the comments many people said it was bread made by a Thai baker. Even bigger OH MY GOD!! Who the hell in their sick mind can eat those things.

Then I found this video..

Apparently this sick puppy think of it as a form of art! People even brought his "bread"!! *Mouth dropped open* I hope he don't cultivate serial killers or worst human feasters. *Trembles*

On the side note, I think CSI should really consider hiring him!

(P.S. Sorry if I destory ur day =])


Ronaldmohoni said...

OMG.... yaaaakkkkk...

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