Friday, July 29, 2011

5 tips to faster weight loss

1. Drink only water
Yes, 1st tip is the one that everyone know so very well. Not only does water have 0kcal, it also improves our digestive system therefore boosting our metabolism rate and it's the only liquid that truly quench thirst. So do not only drink more water but drink ONLY water.

This is the simplest way to kick off your diet! Think of it this way, you drink a glass of your favorite bubble tea or whatever shit that contain 200-400kcal and it doesn't make you feel any fuller so why not save the calories and spend it elsewhere.

I always carry my big ass water bottle everywhere I go so that I have no excuses to order any other canned drinks or any other whatever drinks. You can do so too, start by bringing water when you eat out or order only mineral water every single time you eat out. Over time, it will become a habit and you will always order water wherever you go.

2. Always choose standing over sitting
Standing burns about 50% more than sitting. Too much sitting also results in wider hips. So the next time you are in a train or bus choose standing even if there are seats. Not only will you burn more calories, you can avoid being snapped when you never give up your seats (LOL). You can also stand while watching TV, chatting on phone or even eating.

3. Do not weigh in so frequently
You might ask "Don't weigh in frequently then how I know if I lost weight?". Trust me, your clothes will tell you. To achieve a successful and sustainable weight loss is about changing the lifestyle and not about the number.

When you weigh frequently, there are likely 2 possible scenarios: one is that you didn't managed to lose your weight as fast as you expected or worst you gained some pounds (at initial stage of weight loss, it's natural to gain a little pound especially true for those who incorporate exercise). This may throw you off balance and loses focus or worst give up. Another possible scenario is that you lost weight as fast as you wanted it to or even faster than you planned it to, this may make you over confident and eat more thinking that you had already lost all the weight therefore it's ok that you binge to 'reward' yourself.

Either way from my personal experience weighing in less make you stay more in focus and make the weight loss process easier. When you finally weigh in and see that you have lost so much, the sense of achievement will put you even more in control to sustain the weight.

(P.S Btw, the number on the scale is not my weight hor! I'm not so heavy.)

4. Concentrate while eating
Eating while watching TV, surfing internet or any other secondary activities makes your brain less aware of your fullness level resulting in over-eating. So the next time you take a meal, make sure you concentrate on eating and stop eating when you are about 70-80% full.

I used to eat on my dressing table whenever I eat at home. I find it very useful as I eat and look myself in the mirror and remind myself of my focus and desires, I consumed almost 50% lesser than I usually do.

5. Take the stairs
One thing good about being Singaporeans is that most of us stay in some form of high rise building which have flats and flats of stairs. Make good use of it! Climbing the stairs for 15mins can burn up to 150kcal, so the next time you leave your house or return from work give the lift a miss. If you stay really high up there like 10th floor or worst 20th floor, then take the stairs till 5th floor and take the lift up from the 5th floor.


I know some of you may disagrees with my tips or even thinks it's too extreme but I'm only trying to share what works for me and you don't have to try it anyway if you don't feel comfortable about it.

Losing weight is never a easy thing to do therefore there is also no easy way out of this. If you want your weight off, you have to pay a price!

(P.S I had lost 3kg since I declare the start of my weight loss warz!)



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