Monday, August 8, 2011

Horrible Boss & Swensen Massive Earthquake!

Watched 'Horrible Boss' 2 days ago, the show was super goddamn funny!! If you are feeling down or stressed, this is the show to watch! My fav pair of boss n subordinate are the horny dentist played by Jennifer Aniston and the short wimpy gay assistant played by Charlie Day.

Since it's Saturday which means damn lots of people watch movies(seriously it like the only entertainment singaporean have other than clubbing). We end up buying 11pm show at around 7 plus!!

Although we try to spend the time playing pool but we still got to the cinema 1 hr early! Argh! I hate waiting.. So I camwhore to relieve the anger..

At the basement of The Cathay nursing my aching legs

Outside the cinema halls camwhoring

Show haven't start... Camwhore again!

Before watching movie, we went to Bukit Panjang Plaza for Swensen!!
Additional gym session this week T.T

Waiting for food also must camwhore

Jackie's funny face

~~Abrupt end of post~~

*Updated* Calorie Sibling posted the review on the Swensen we visited, read it HERE


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