Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I need a personal yacht!


Do you own a yacht? I certainly don't, but I always dream of owning one and cruising out on sea in one.

Thanks to MoxDeals and Grand Cruise, me and branch of bloggers got the chance to experience a luxury experience.

To share a little, MoxDeals is actually a online deals shopping site which offer 3 types of purchasing method:

1) Standard Deals
In this widely used version, all you need to do is select the deal you want, pay the amount required and then take the voucher to the merchant to redeem it. No further payment

2) Pay To The Merchant
This option allows you to book your deal without having to pay everything at once! Pay a small amount online, and pay the rest only when you redeem what you’ve bought.

3) Flat Discount
For your purchase, you receive an attractive discount while paying a much lower price. So you get to choose what to enjoy from our merchants’ for much, much less!

Back to the cruise trip, we boarded the yacht at Sentosa Cove's One Degree 15 Marina Club. If you had never been there, I can tell you that place is drop dead beautiful.

As we set sail, we were told that we will be able to view sunset and watch the Song Of The Sea's firework from our yacht later on. How cool was that?

We passes by other yacht too

Some island we passed by

And the amazing sunset, this make everything worth it.

We even had shots on board!! Thanks to Shots Asia!

Interior of the yacht

Watching "Song Of The Sea" on the sea. Coolz!~

Water Action


Big Bang!

This was a awesome experience!! After sailing out in the sea and watching firework at the comfort of a yacht deck accompanied by the soft sea breeze reaffirms my motivation to be a BILLIONAIRE!! Haha!! No, I'm not joking..

A final BIG THANKS to MoxDeals and Grand Cruise and also all the other sponsors that made the trip possible!!

If you are itching for deals like this(I promise you will be surprise by how low it'll cost you!) head on over to MoxDeals now!!


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