Saturday, December 3, 2011

Domino Overloaded with Cheese!

Few days ago, me and a group of bloggers was invited to experience Domino's latest Cheese Overload pizza which essentially is pizza made with cheese sauce!

Just by typing now, I can feel my saliva drooling..

Since I got the invitation, I had been looking forward to the event.. Well, sinful foods like pizza are always my favourite!

BUT!!! On that fateful day, I lost my way and couldn't find the restaurant which was somewhere in god-know-where Tampines!! End up being late for an hour and I only got to taste the last pizza flavour which was btw Hawaiian!! Arghz!! Imagine my disappointment!! *beating myself up*

The only slice of pizza I was in time to eat.... *weep*

Chocolate Lave Cake

Luckily I got to taste the Chocolate Lava Cake which I had saw in various other blog looking so sexily delicious. Seriously it is so heavenly that I would order Domino just for the sake of their Lava Cake.

Crazy Chicken Crunchies


Here are all those delicious stuffs I missed.... *hate myself*

[Photo credited to Deenise]

Prawn Sensation

Onion Rings

Chilli Chicken

Twisty Bread


*Calling Domino to order the Cheese Overload Meal*

Gonna stuff my face now to feel better.........

BTW Domino's Cheese Overload Meal is selling at a crazy low price of $39.80 right now! The meal includes 1 Regular Pizza with Cheese Sauce, 1 Regular Pizza of your choice, 1 Chocolate Lava Cake and 1 BreadStix/Twisty Bread/CinnaStix.

Tempted to order? Call 62226333 or visit to order NOW!


Nikel Khor said...

Like CHeese Pizza.. GOing to order DOMINO for my dinner later.. Craving for.. kakaka

bluedianthus said...

Never try Domino pizza...will try it out for sure. :)

Sharon said...

domino pizza service was so great~

¨†¨ ケイラ·KAERAHLrykaLenr// said...

hehe just ate pizza! Nice share :D

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