Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tower Heist Movie Review

Tower Heist may not be the funniest comedy I had watched but it's definitely a very entertaining movie! With Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy, you know it's going to be funny.

It all started when Josh Kovacs (by Ben Stiller), a devoted manager working at the tower, discover that Arthur Shaw (by Alan Alda) had cheated off all of his and his staffs' pension money and is under FBI investigation for fraud. Determine to get back his staffs and friends money, he and his friends decided to rob Arthur Shaw.

However without any "bad guy" experience, Josh turn to Slide (by Eddie Murphy) for guidance. As the planning goes on, Josh discover that they do have what it takes to rob Arthur Shaw as no one knows the tower better than they do.

From here on, it's endless of adventure mix with funny moments. Everything is just right! I will leave the ending for you to find out. Believe me, you will enjoy this show!


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