Thursday, September 8, 2011

Love in Space Premier

Love always happens when you least expected it and love can happen anywhere anytime, regardless on the earth or out in the space. Because of love, you may be force to hurt the person you love most or walk away from them! But no fear, the three couples in "Love in Space" shows you that with love everything ends well!

Featuring a star striked cast including Aaron Kwok (郭富城), Rene Liu (刘若英), Eason Chan(陈奕迅), Angelababy, Gwei Lun Mei (桂纶镁), Jing Boran (井柏然), 徐帆 (Xu Fan). This light-hearted movie is as much a comedy as a romance show that follows a mother and her three grown daughters as they juggle their assorted love lives. Each woman is successful in everything except love -- until they unexpectedly encounter new romances in Beijing, Sydney and even on the moon!

The first couple is the space couple played by Aaron Kwok and Rene Liu, after separating due minor misunderstanding they were coincidentally assigned to the same space mission. On their journey to the moon, they realizes that misunderstanding shouldn't had kept them apart. A clever humorous start of the show lifted everyone's spirit up and gets all attention. I especially love the way they projected the soul of 'being in space'.

The second couple was the love that touch me the most! Lily played by Gwei Lun Mei who suffers from a cleanliness OCD met Johnny played by Eason Chen who is a garbage trucker by a twist of fate. Despite love at first sight their extreme differences makes being together difficult.

The third pair of love birds bring out the pure and poetic aspect of love. A famous but unsuccessful actress played by Angelbaby who won the Worst Actress Award goes "undercover" as a cafe waitress in hope of bringing her acting to the next level by gaining insights of what commoners life are. There she met a ordinary and poor aspiring writer played by Jing Boran, they quickly fall in love but are faced with overwhelming obstacles. What I love about this couple is lots of real beautiful quotes are used, I especially love when the girl told him that 'In reality sometime people in love are force to say the opposite to each other, when I say I hate you very much it actually means I love you very much'.

Sound like a darn good show? It's because it's a darn good show!

*A little spoiler* Other than the three couples, there is a bonus couple at the end! You have to watch it to find out..

Now that I'm done with the beautifully wrote up review *ahem*

I would like to thanks OMY for inviting me to the premier! It was my first time watching a movie in the Grand Cathay and I brought my youngest brother, Jeffrey, along with me to watch the show.

When I wanted to take a photo of him posing with the tickets, I told him 'You have to be creative ya, you know Jackie was always damn wacky in all his photo.' and he gave this....

Not bad, right?! Guess by now my readers knows that I have two crazy brothers!


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