Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Decalring the start of my silmming down warz!

If you had been following me on twitter, you'll know that I'm going to start to silm down and decided to blog the process.

As the 1st post to declare the start, I will talk a little about my history of weight issue. I'm always little since young although I'm never skinny but I'm far from plump. After my puberty I started to gain fats (not height), I believe it due to drinking lots of milk at that period thinking that it will convert to height but sadly it doesn't.

However having said that, my weight has never go over 43kg (well, I'm short so 43kg is actually heavy for me). Until I got into nightlife and started working in pubs, the regular drinking and supper make me shoot to 49kg when I was 19years old.

At that time, I never really realized that I was fat because I don't really experience any guy issue so I just continue being blindly confident. Until I went to work at this Japanese pub, the girls there are all good looking with fabulous body! I started to feel the pressure and the Japanese man there have no issue about telling you straight in your face that you are fat! Soon I realize that I had to do something about my weight and thankfully I had a great boss, she is like a elder sister to me and she started guiding me along and keeping an eye on me losing the kilos off.

With super determination and extreme diet and exercise regime, I lost 8kg in about 3 months. I know people will say it unhealthy to lose that much in such short time but I will say the methods I use only work well on me, it might not work well on other people. The future posts that I will post on this topic is only to share my experience not to advice people to follow my ways to losing weight. In fact, I highly do not recommend my methods for normal people unless you are like me who loves unhealthy food like my own life and super not discipline and gets dishearten very easily.

Ok, done with the disclaimer. I maintain my weight around 40-43kg for the next 2 years and eventually I quit my job. After quitting the job, there no need for me to maintain my weight and I had more time to spend eating (my fav activity) so after another 3 years, I gain all my kilo back! T_T

So here I am now declaring that I will follow the same regime and methods I use before to see if I can lose some weight again. I believe the result will not be as good as when I'm 19 because come on I'm almost 25 now, my body just don't burn fat that fast anymore but I believe if I can be DISCIPLINE enough I could go back to 42kg in about 6 months or so.

That's all on my background, I officially declare today as the start of the program. I will blog on my results, my diets, exercise regime, some product I find useful and more tips and tricks.

**Wish Me Luck**


ken said...

i lost about 10kg in 6 months.. more exercise and reduce food intake :)

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