Monday, June 13, 2011

April's KL + Genting Trip Day 2

We had planned to visit Genting on day 2 so we booked a tour which include to & fro transportation, cable car ride, indoor & outdoor amusement entry.

Because the bus pickup is DAMN EARLY and I insist on having the breakfast because no way I'm missing a 5stars hotel's breakfast!! (Yeah I know, I'm cheapo.. Whatever!!). Due to that I had get up SUPER EARLY (never happened after I left school).

Anyway, I got up early but the kiasu bus still arrived way too early!! However the Ritz staffs is damn nice seeing that we don't seem ready they let the bus move on to pick up other hotel's guests and come back to get us last (that is what "HIGH CLASS" hotel advantage is! Ahem!). Yay! I got to indulge in the breakfast. Not to mention it's awesomely delicious!! *THUMBS UP*

We took about 1.5 hours to reach the Genting's cable car station! Gosh, so f**king long.. Where in Singapore do I need to travel 1.5 hours to get to by car?? Answer is nowhere! From one end to another end of Singapore also no need 1.5 hours loh =.=

Outside cable car station: rows of tour bus!

Up and going on the cable car
**John confess that he is afraid of height =.=

Although Genting's cable car feel less stable than the Sentosa's but I think Sentosa's is scarier. See how the trees are very near to the cable car so don't give so it lessen the height fear factor where else Sentosa's is really long way from land..

A neighbor cable car

and.. it started raining =.= Great, I know my bad luck will haunt me.. There goes the outdoor amusement park!

P.S. At the end 30mins before we had to fall back, the rain finally stop (like raining for over 6hrs) HATE IT!!

Raining super hard! Look how hazy it got!

First ride the bright thingy that go around the mall mid air (Ya, it's a kids ride =.=)

This fancy ride is so beautiful, I wanted to ride this so much but it's under maintenance. *sad*

In the ride, it's a stupid flower looking 1 not cute at all!

Cool stuffs we saw on board of the kiddy ride..
What cartoon character is this?


Statue of Liberty

After the kiddy ride, we went to the Ripey's Believe It or Not museum..
Me on the confession chair

The chair is decorated with this solid pointy figures which is painful to lean against and while standing up I hit one of it and got a big blue black on my arm

The fertility totem, it seems that any woman who touches it will get pregnant and there's a video showing how some woman who accidentally touches it got pregnant shortly after. (Luckily, I never touched it!!)

Try this

This wax figurines look so life like!!

They will position on the entry way of a section looking like the old man was taking a photo of the lady (it even had the flash going on). I was so convinced that I stop right before them thinking to let him finish shooting before I pass through -.-

This beautiful palace was made out of matchsticks and the noble who order this to be made actually chop off its maker's hands such that there can be no second such art piece ever again! OMG

The past jail cells

Baby's coffin

The torture chair

Sitting on the world's tallest man's chair! Huge!!

We sat on Genting's luckiest chair but didn't won any money in the casino.. Well, John blame that on my bad luck trend (whatever..)

Eyes Popper

You may not see it but this guy has 2 iris in his eyes!


An old cash register

I tried to sit on the shark jaw, but the teeth is poking my butt painfully!

Beautiful art made from toasts (can u believe it?)


After the musem, we took this little venice boat ride

On board, the boat actually has italian music playing in the background

Eiffel Tower

London Bus

The only ride we managed to do outdoor was my favourite merry-go-round

Then it was time to go.. The bus drove us down the mountain and go on another 2 hrs drive to get back to the hotel. I slept all the way through..

After getting back to the hotel, tired and aching everywhere I went for a massage at the Ritz spa. Their services are awesome and the massage was very comforting too!

After the massage, John brought me to this awesome French restuarnt which he says has a gay bar on the second floor but since it was a Sunday, we didn't saw any gays around. The food was divine and the service crew there are all very helpful and informative which is cool! I will definitely want to go back there again but I forgot the name of the restuarant -.-

After the hearty meal, we decided no more drinks since we had quite a bit of red wine in the restuarant and call it a day.

The last day was a rush as we only had time for breakfast before heading to the airport for my departure. However that morning this one Ritz breakfast waiter really impressed me! John decided to order the scrambled egg set that I ate yesterday for breakfast. I was asking him why do he want to order something that I had already tried? He said that he was craving for hashbrown and the set actually come with a tiny piece. So I was saying to him 'but the hashbrown is so small, wont be able to fulfill your craving la.'. To our surprize, the dish came with a standard large hashbrown! As we were looking at each other with question mark on our face, the waiter explained that he overheard our conversation and decided to change the hashbrown. Goodness, that's what service is about man!! Great Job!! *THUMBS UP* Too bad I didn't took a peak of his name, I so much wanted to write a commendation letter =D

After the delightful breakfast, John drove me to the airport and on the way he actually lost his way.. Can you believe he is a malaysian? =.= So we arrived at the airport later than I anticipated and was shocked to see such a long queue on the check-in counter. There goes my plan to shop in KL airport! I blame that on my luck yet again! Next time I really hope to be able to shop around the KL airport!

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shindosai said...

looks like u had fun.
never been to genting :(

Lim Kai Shin said...

I have been to Genting quite a lot of times already, I began to feel it's a bit boring. I miss the place so much after reading your post! Seriously!

ken said...

i miss genting.. wanna go up there so much but lazy most of the time :P

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